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Cara merekam zoom meeting di pc sebagai peserta

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You can zoom your video image in or out using up /down navigation keys. Disable. – Sending video: Select this not to send your video image. sebagai tahun kebangkitan investor ritel domestik dalam sejarah pasar modal Indonesia. Anggota Bursa mengenai penggunaan sistem e-IPO, tata cara.

Cara Freeze Video di Zoom Meeting Dengan Mudah – Gubuk Pintar

Record Acara Meeting: Seandainya seseorang tidak ikut meeting, atau harus pergi selama beberapa menit, itu bukan masalah. Anda bisa merekam. Setiap peserta yang merekam rapat akan dapat membekukan bingkai selama lunak klien Zoom meeting untuk Windows yang memungkinkan peretas. Jika Anda memiliki beberapa kamera (seperti laptop Anda dan webcam terpisah), mikrofon, atau sistem speaker (seperti speaker dan headphone).


Cara merekam zoom meeting di pc sebagai peserta.Pemanfaatan Aplikasi Zoom Meeting Sebagai Media Pembelajaran Masa Pandemi Covid-19 Di Sekolah Dasar


Meskipun Zoom tidak sempurna, tidaklah mudah menemukan software web conference, apalagi yang gratis, yang lebih baik dalam hal keamanan. Penting sekali mendownload software atau perangkat lunak dari sumber terpercaya dan bukan dari situs web pihak ketiga.

Yang juga perlu diperhatikan adalah selalu mendownload update terbaru yang memperbaiki kelemahan ataupun celah keamanan yang telah diketahui. Zoom meeting dienkripsi dengan enkripsi TLS bit dan presentasi yang dibagikan menggunakan enkripsi end-to-end AES bit.

Diperkenalkan pula sejumlah prosedur pengamanan demi mencegah pengguna yang tidak dikehendaki menggabungkan diri dalam meeting, misalnya keharusan memasukkan kata sandi, ruang tunggu, atau opsi untuk mengunci meeting setelah percakapan dimulai. Bagi sebagian besar pemakainya, akun Zoom gratis sudah cukup.

Akun jenis itu memfasilitasi meeting yang unlimited jumlahnya, dengan batas waktu 40 menit dan peserta dalam meeting kelompok. Paket premium memberikan limit waktu lebih lama, fitur untuk melakukan personalisasi ID Anda, dasbor admin, URL vanity, branding perusahaan, dan berbagai hal lainnya. Anda bisa turut serta dalam video conference call walaupun Anda tidak mempunyai webcam.

Anda bisa membagikan tampilan layar Anda, berbicara, dan menonton video yang lain. Satu-satunya batasan adalah tidak seorang pun bisa melihat wajah Anda sedang tersenyum. WizCase adalah situs review independen. Kami beroperasi dengan dukungan pembaca. A comparison of serially acquired CT images, with intervening acquisitions on other scanners , demonstrates the ability of the proposed procedures to maintain the rigidity of an anesthetized mouse during transport between scanners.

Movement of the bony structures of the mouse was estimated to be 0. Soft tissue movement was predominantly the result of the filling or emptying of the urinary bladder and thus largely constrained to this region. Phantom studies estimate the registration errors for all registration types to be less than 0. Functional images using tracers targeted to known structures verify the accuracy of the functional to structural registrations.

The procedures are easy to perform and produce robust and accurate results that rival those of dedicated multimodality scanners , but with more flexible registration combinations and while avoiding the expense and redundancy of multimodality systems. Utilization pattern of whole body computed tomography scanner. Computed tomography scanner CT scanner is one of the most expensive and sophisticated diagnostic tool and has already been utilized in many hospitals in Korea.

The price as well as operating costs of CT scanner is so expensive as to regulate its installment by government even in the United States. In order to identify the efficient utilization of the CT scanner , the utilization pattern for CT scanning was analyzed at three general hospital in seoul. The results are as follows: 1.

Five out of one thousand outpatients and five out of one hundred inpatients were CT scanned. Eighty percent of patients who were scanned were those of inpatients of the hospitals where the scanned are installed. Head standings constitute The rate of indication for CT scanning showed no statistically significant difference between insured and non-insured groups. Computed tomography scanner units were operated 5. The major diagnoses mode by head scanning were: hematoma Number of patients taken CT Scanning was 43 persons a week in average for each whole body scanner unit.

Just as newly invented photographic processes revolutionized the printing industry at the turn of the century, electronic imaging has affected almost every computer application today. To completely emulate traditionally mechanical means of information handling, computer based systems must be able to capture graphic images.

Thus, there is a widespread need for the electronic camera, the digitizer, the input scanner. This paper will review how various types of input scanners are being used in many diverse applications. The following topics will be covered: – Historical overview of input scanners – New applications for scanners – Impact of scanning technology on select markets – Scanning systems issues. This system is the first CT scanner that is combined with general radiographic functions. The general radiographic functions include a patient couch with film casette and several tube support systems along with the CT scanner.

This newly designed CT scanner also features a compact and light-weight gantry with a mm diameter apperture and user-friendly operater’s console. The SCTT brings a new level of patient and operator comfort to the emergency radiology examination site. Developments in holographic-based scanner designs. Holographic-based scanning systems have been used for years in the high resolution prepress markets where monochromatic lasers are generally utilized. However, until recently, due to the dispersive properties of holographic optical elements HOEs , along with the high cost associated with recording ‘master’ HOEs, holographic scanners have not been able to penetrate major scanning markets such as the laser printer and digital copier markets, low to mid-range imagesetter markets, and the non-contact inspection scanner market.

In order to penetrate these markets, holographic-based systems must exhibit low cost and immunity to wavelength shifts associated with laser diodes. This paper describes recent developments in the design of holographic scanners in which multiple HOEs, each possessing optical power, are used in conjunction with one curved mirror to passively correct focal plane position errors and spot size changes caused by the wavelength instability of laser diodes.

This paper also describes recent advancements in low cost production of high quality HOEs and curved mirrors. Together these developments allow holographic scanners to be economically competitive alternatives to conventional devices in every segment of the laser scanning industry. Circumference estimation using 3D-whole body scanners and shadow scanner.

Clothing designers and manufacturers use traditional body dimensions as their basis. When 3D-whole body scanners are introduced to determine the body dimensions, a conversion has to be made, since scan determined circumference measures are slightly larger than the traditional values. This pilot. Manually operated small envelope scanner system.

A scanner system and method for acquisition of position-based ultrasonic inspection data are described. The scanner system includes an inspection probe and a first non-contact linear encoder having a first sensor and a first scale to track inspection probe position. The first sensor is positioned to maintain a continuous non-contact interface between the first sensor and the first scale and to maintain a continuous alignment of the first sensor with the inspection probe.

The scanner system may be used to acquire two-dimensional inspection probe position data by including a second non-contact linear encoder having a second sensor and a second scale, the second sensor positioned to maintain a continuous non-contact interface between the second sensor and the second scale and to maintain a continuous alignment of the second sensor with the first sensor.

Data reliability is ensured through temperature-insensitive data acquisition devices with battery backups in the upgraded test yard. Software improvements allow for real-time analysis of collected data, while uploading to a web server. Sample data illustrates high fidelity monitoring of the burn-in period of a polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic module test string with no data failures over days of data collection.

In addition to improved DAQ systems, precision temperature monitoring has been implemented so that PV module backside temperatures are routinely obtained. Weather station data acquired at the test yard provides local ambient temperature, humidity, wind speed, and irradiance measurements that have been utilized to enable characterization of PV module performance over an extended test period.

Particle discrimination by an automatic scanner for nuclear emulsion plates. An automatic scanner for nuclear emulsion plates has been improved by adding particle discrimination.

By determination of the mean luminosity of tracks in darkfield illumination in addition to the track length a clear discrimination has been obtained, at least for lighter particles. The scanning speed of the original automatic scanner has not been reduced. The scanner works up to times faster than a human scanner. Besides the particle discrimination the determination of the mean track luminosity led to a lower perturbation sensitivity with respect to a high background of accidentally developed silvergrains, scratches in emulsion etc.

The accuracy of the beam profile measurements achievable by the current wire scanners at CERN is limited by the vibrations of their mechanical parts. In particular, the vibrations of the carbon wire represent the major source of wire position uncertainty which limits the beam profile measurement accuracy. A new wire scanner design based on the understanding of the wire vibration origin is therefore needed. We present the models developed to understand the main causes of the wire vibrations observed in an existing wire scanner.

The development and tuning of those models are based on measurements and tests performed on that CERN proton synchrotron PS scanner. The wire equations contain three different excitation terms: inertia Myocardium scintigraphy and coronaries scanner : results and respective contribution of these two examinations; Scintigraphie myocardique et scanner coronaire: resultats et apport respectif des deux examens.

Songy, B. The objective were to evaluate the results and the respective contribution of the myocardium scintigraphy and the coro- scanner. The actual limitations of the coro- scanner 64 gills are in relation with its spatial resolution quantification and temporal resolution right coronary. The choice of the diagnosis examination to realize in first intention must depend on the age and prevalence of the coronary disease. A simple scanner for Compton tomography. A first generation CT- scanner was designed and constructed to carry out Compton images.

This CT- scanner is composed of a 80 kV, 5 mA X-ray tube and a NaI Tl X-ray detector; the tube is strongly collimated, generating a X-ray beam of 2 mm diameter, whilst the detector is not collimated to collect Compton photons from the whole irradiated cylinder.

The performances of the equipment were tested contemporaneous transmission and Compton images. Full Text Available Preferensi pembiayaan dalam perusahaan besar lebih didasarkan pada karakteristik perusahaan tersebut. Namun dalam usaha mikro dan kecil hal ini mungkin berbeda dan bergantung pada karakteristik pemiliknya seperti gender dan entrepreneurability.

Perbedaan gender mungkin juga membedakan entrepreneurability dan dukungan yang diterima. Penelitian ini akan menguji apakah terdapat perbedaan preferensi pembiayaan berdasarkan gender, entrepreneurability berdasarkan gender dan berdasarkan preferensi pembiayaan, serta perbedaan dukungan berdasarkan gender.

Sampel dari usaha mikro dan kecil yang bergerak dalam bidang kuliner diuji dengan uji beda Independent Sample t Test dan kemudian dengan Crosstabulation untuk lebih memperinci hasilnya. Hasil uji menunjukkan bahwa tidak terdapat perbedaan yang signifikan preferensi pembiayaan berdasarkan gender dan berdasarkan entrepreneurability, namun entrepreneurability berbeda signifikan berdasarkan gender dan juga ditemukan bahwa dukungan moral, tenaga, dan modal yang diterima pemilik usaha pria dan wanita tidak berbeda signifikan p value lebih kecil dari 0.

Hasil ini menunjukkan bahwa terdapat kesetaraan gender dalam pembiayaan usaha dan entrepreneurability lebih tinggi pada pria.

Pria pemilik usaha juga mendapatkan dukungan tenaga kerja yang lebih banyak daripada wanita. Dukungan tenaga ini adalah salah satu bentuk financial bootstrapping karena dapat mengurangi pembiayaan usaha. Penelitian ini bertujuan membandingkan diversitas dan kerapatan mangrove dengan kepadatan gastropoda dan bivalvia di mangrove alami dan rehabilitasi.

Pengukuran ekosistem mangrove menggunakan transek kuadrat 10 m x 10 m. Kelimpahan dan kepadatan gastropoda dan bialvia menggunakan transek kuadrat berukuran 1 m x 1 m. Analisis nMDS, cluster untuk melihat hubungan karekteristik mangrove alami dan rehabilitasi dianalisis secara deskriptif dan analisis regresi untuk mendetermi Such installations will be used in the fields of industrial space heating, low-temperature drying, the heating of liquids and various fractionating operations.

For uses in industrial processes, the sectors involved are mainly agribusiness and food industries and, in the longer range, the chemical industry including petrochemicals. Sales of high-powered machinery are still low about from to The general investment climate, the need to adapt processes to the use of heat pumps, and the low temperature level A flexible and wearable terahertz scanner.

Imaging technologies based on terahertz THz waves have great potential for use in powerful non-invasive inspection methods. However, most real objects have various three-dimensional curvatures and existing THz technologies often encounter difficulties in imaging such configurations, which limits the useful range of THz imaging applications. Here, we report the development of a flexible and wearable THz scanner based on carbon nanotubes. We achieved room-temperature THz detection over a broad frequency band ranging from 0.

Using this scanner , we performed THz imaging of samples concealed behind opaque objects, breakages and metal impurities of a bent film and multi-view scans of a syringe. We demonstrated a passive biometric THz scan of a human hand.

Our results are expected to have considerable implications for non-destructive and non-contact inspections, such as medical examinations for the continuous monitoring of health conditions. Design of active-neutron fuel rod scanner. An active-neutron fuel rod scanner has been designed for the assay of fissile materials in mixed oxide fuel rods. A Cf source is located at the center of the scanner very near the through hole for the fuel rods.

Spontaneous fission neutrons from the californium are moderated and induce fissions within the passing fuel rod. The rod continues past a combined gamma-ray and neutron shield where delayed gamma rays above 1 MeV are detected. An inhomogeneous beryllium, graphite, and polyethylene moderator has been designed that uses source neutrons much more efficiently than assay systems using polyethylene moderators.

Layers of borated polyethylene and tungsten are used to shield the detectors. Large NaI Tl detectors were selected to measure the delayed gamma rays. Applications of the rod scanner include accountability of fissile material for safeguards applications, quality control of the fissile content in a fuel rod, and the verification of reactivity potential for mixed oxide fuels.

Accuracy of single-abutment digital cast obtained using intraoral and cast scanners. Scanners are frequently used in the fabrication of dental prostheses. However, the accuracy of these scanners is variable, and little information is available. The purpose of this in vitro study was to compare the accuracy of cast scanners with that of intraoral scanners by using different image impression techniques. A poly methyl methacrylate master model was fabricated to replicate a maxillary first molar single-abutment tooth model.

The trueness and precision of the data were measured using a 3-dimensional analysis program. Published by. Scanner Uniformity improvements for radiochromic film analysis with matt reflectance backing. Full text: A simple and reproducible method for increasing desktop scanner uniformity for the analysis of radiochromic films is presented.

Scanner uniformity, especially in the non-scan direction, for transmission scanning is well known to be problematic for radiochromic film analysis and normally corrections need to be applied. These corrections are dependant on scanner coordinates and dose level applied which complicates dosimetry procedures. Above 5 layers, no extra benefit was seen. This may eliminate the need to perform scanner corrections for position on the desktop scanners for radiochromic film dosimetry.

How flatbed scanners upset accurate film dosimetry. Film is an excellent dosimeter for verification of dose distributions due to its high spatial resolution.

Irradiated film can be digitized with low-cost, transmission, flatbed scanners. However, a disadvantage is their lateral scan effect LSE : a scanner readout change over its lateral scan axis. Although anisotropic light scattering was presented as the origin of the LSE, this paper presents an alternative cause.

Cross talk was examined using triangular sheets of various optical densities. The optical path length effect was studied using absorptive and reflective neutral density filters with well-defined optical characteristics OD range 0. Linear polarizer sheets were used to investigate light polarization on the CCD signal in absence and presence of un irradiated Gafchromic film.

Film dose values ranged between 0. LSE was found to depend on scanner construction and film type. We concluded that any Gafchromic EBT type film scanned with a flatbed scanner will face these optical effects. Accurate dosimetry requires correction of LSE, therefore, determination of the LSE per color channel and dose delivered to the film.

Was the Scanner Calibration Slide used for its intended purpose? In the end, the author concluded that “Full Moon BioSystems calibration slides are inadequate for performing calibration,” and recommended “against using these slides. Scanner qualification with IntenCD based reticle error correction. Scanner introduction into the fab production environment is a challenging task. An efficient evaluation of scanner performance matrices during factory acceptance test FAT and later on during site acceptance test SAT is crucial for minimizing the cycle time for pre and post production-start activities.

If done effectively, the matrices of base line performance established during the SAT are used as a reference for scanner performance and fleet matching monitoring and maintenance in the fab environment. Key elements which can influence the cycle time of the SAT, FAT and maintenance cycles are the imaging, process and mask characterizations involved with those cycles.

Discrete mask measurement techniques are currently in use to create across-mask CDU maps. By subtracting these maps from their final wafer measurement CDU map counterparts, it is possible to assess the real scanner induced printed errors within certain limitations. The current discrete measurement methods are time consuming and some techniques also overlook mask based effects other than line width variations, such as transmission and phase variations, all of which influence the final printed CD variability.

Applied Materials Aera2TM mask inspection tool with IntenCDTM technology can scan the mask at high speed, offer full mask coverage and accurate assessment of all masks induced source of errors simultaneously, making it beneficial for scanner qualifications and performance monitoring. In this paper we report on a study that was done to improve a scanner introduction and qualification process using the IntenCD application to map the mask induced CD non uniformity.

We will present the results of six scanners in production and discuss the benefits of the new method. This paper describes a navigation method based on road detection using both a laser scanner and a vision sensor. The method is to classify the surface in front of the robot into traversable segments road and obstacles using the laser scanner , this classifies the area just in front of the robot Analisis sensori dilakukan dengan uji pembeda menyeluruh, uji pembeda atribut, uji kesukaan, dan uji rangking.

Pengamatan lainnya dilakukan terhadap edible portion dan nilai gizi proksimat dan profil asam amino. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa filet patin hibrid Nasutus lebih memiliki kesamaan warna dengan filet patin Nasutus daripada filet patin Siam. W arna daging filet patin hibrid Nasutus berbeda nyata dengan induknya yaitu patin Nasutus dan patin Siam. Panelis lebih menyukai warna filet patin hibrid Nasutus dibandingkan dengan patin Pasupati.

Patin hibrid Nasutus mempunyai tekstur yang berbeda nyata dengan Nasutus dan Jambal yang kompak dan padat, tetapi mempunyai kesamaan dengan patin Siam dan Pasupati yang agak kompak dan agak padat.

Berdasarkan intensitas warna, hasil uji pembeda atribut dan uji kesukaan, maka secara berturut-turut panelis menyukai filet patin Jambal, Nasutus, hibrid Nasutus, Pasupati, dan Siam. Patin Siam mengandung asam amino esensial paling tinggi di antara berbagai jenis patin yang diteliti. Profil asam amino patin hibrid Nasutus, Jambal, Pasupati, dan Nasutus hampir sama, kecuali pada patin Siam yang mengandung glisin, leusin, isoleusin, histidin, serin, treonin, dan prolin yang lebih tinggi dibandingkan dengan patin lainnya.

Comparison of two intraoral scanners based on three-dimensional surface analysis. Methods Thirty-two participants underwent intraoral scans with TRIOS and iTero scanners , as well as conventional alginate impressions.

The scans obtained with the two intraoral scanners were compared with each other and were also compared with the corresponding model scans by means of three-dimensional surface analysis. The average differences between the two intraoral scans on the surfaces were evaluated by color-mapping.

The average differences in the three-dimensional direction between each intraoral scans and its corresponding model scan were calculated at all points on the surfaces. Results The average differences between the two intraoral scanners were 0. Color histograms showed that local deviations between the two scanners occurred in the posterior area. As for difference in the three-dimensional direction, there was no statistically significant difference between two scanners.

Conclusions Although there were some deviations in visible inspection, there was no statistical significance between the two intraoral scanners. Ionization beam scanner. CERN Multimedia.

Inner structure of an ionization beam scanner , a rather intricate piece of apparatus which permits one to measure the density distribution of the proton beam passing through it. On the outside of the tank wall there is the coil for the longitudinal magnetic field, on the inside, one can see the arrangement of electrodes creating a highly homogeneous transverse electric field. Full Text Available Otomatisasi AC dan lampu dilakukan untuk menghemat energi yang digunakan pada kehidupan sehari-hari.

Dalam pengembangan otomatisasi AC dan lampu perlu menerapkan sebuah perangkat yang memiliki fungsi maksimal dengan harga yang minimal. Raspberry Pi merupakan perangkat atau modul dengan harga rendah yang mampu melakukan komunikasi wireless tanpa bantuan modul lain. Dalam pengembangan otomatisasi AC dan lampu juga diperlukan sebuah metode yang mampu melakukan kontrol terhadap nyala AC dan lampu.

Penerapan metode fuzzy dapat dilakukan untuk menghimpun informasi keadaan ruang yang didapat dari sensor untuk menentukan nyala AC dan lampu secara otomatis. Oleh sebab itu pada penelitian ini mengusulkan pengembangan otomatisasi AC dan lampu menggunakan Raspberry Pi dan Fuzzy. Quality assurance of computed tomography CT scanners. CT scanner is a complex equipment and routine quality control procedures are essential to the maintenance of image quality with optimum patient dose.

Image quality can be ensured only through correlation between prospective monitoring of system components and tests of overall performance with standard phantoms. CT examinations contribute a large share to the population dose in advanced countries. The unique dosimetry problems in CT necessitate special techniques.

Full Text Available Penelitian ini mengukur tingkat persepsi visi dan misi civitas akademika STAIN Pekalongan, dan mengukur juga tingkat implementasi sebagai transformasi visi misi tersebut serta menemukan hubungan antara persepsi dengan implementasinya. Kajian ini memiliki signifikan yang strategis dalam konteks manajemen dan pengembangan Pendidikan di STAIN Pekalongan dan lembaga pendidikan lainnya.

Hal ini karena posisi visi dan misi sebagai kerangka acuan frame of reference yang mengarahkan dan menjelaskan kepada keseluruh unsur civitas akademika dalam setiap program kerjanya. This includes the development and construction of state-of-the-art CT scanners for scientific research. Because these scanners are built for very different purposes they differ considerably in their physical implementations. However, they all share common principle functionality.

This article describes the concept and features of this software, and its potential for tomography in a research setting. The core concept is to rigorously separate the abstract operation of a CT scanner from its actual physical configuration. This separation is achieved by implementing a sender-listener architecture.

The advantages are that the resulting software platform is generic, scalable, highly efficient, easy to develop and to extend, and that it can be deployed on future scanners with minimal effort. Abushab, K.

Monte Carlo MC simulations are widely used in positron emission tomography PET for optimizing detector design, acquisition protocols, and evaluating corrections and reconstruction methods. They have similar block detectors and electronics, but a different number of rings and configuration. Some effective parameters of the simulations, such as the dead-time and the size of the reflectors in the detectors, were adjusted to reproduce the sensitivity and noise equivalent count NEC rate of the B-TPTV scanner.

These parameters were then used to make predictions of experimental results such as sensitivity, NEC rate, spatial resolution, and scatter fraction SF , from all the Biograph scanners and some variations of them energy windows and additional rings of detectors. In conclusion, we have shown that PeneloPET is suitable for simulating and investigating clinical systems with good accuracy and short computational time, though some effort tuning of a few parameters of the scanners modeled may be needed in case that the full details of the scanners studied are not available.

Penelitian evaluasi dan beras terhadap mutu dan jumlah hasil ditekankan pada lr36 , lr38 dan Cisadane. Hasil studi menunjukkan diantara ketiga varitas, Cisadane mempunyai ukuran dimensi butiran yang lebih besar daripada Ir36 dan Ir Persen beras pecah kulit tertinggi diperoleh pa Radiation dosimetry of computed tomography x-ray scanners.

Rapat tersebut tidak akan berfungsi untuk saat ini bagi pengguna yang mencoba bergabung melalui antarmuka browser web atau melalui telepon. Jika Anda ingat bahwa web Zoom antarmuka keluar dari komisi selama beberapa hari yang lalu pada bulan April , sekarang kami tahu alasannya: Perusahaan sedang memperbaiki kelemahan keamanan yang sangat serius yang dapat membuat siapa pun bergabung dengan rapat Zoom pribadi.

Peneliti keamanan Inggris Tom Anthony merinci di blognya ini minggu bagaimana dia menemukan bahwa dia dapat membuat tebakan acak tanpa akhir pada PIN 6 digit yang diberikan Zoom untuk rapat pribadi. Itu adalah sejuta kemungkinan yang harus dilalui, yang mungkin sulit bagi manusia, tetapi tidak sulit untuk PC yang diberdayakan dengan baik yang menjalankan banyak utas. Anthony menemukan bahwa dia dapat membobol rapat Zoom dalam waktu sekitar setengah jam , berikan atau ambil.

Itu masih lama sebelum banyak rapat selesai. Kesalahannya sudah diperbaiki sekarang, jadi Anda tidak perlu khawatir tentang cara pengeboman Zoom. Seorang peneliti keamanan yang tidak disebutkan namanya menemukan cacat kritis dalam perangkat lunak klien Zoom meeting untuk Windows yang memungkinkan peretas mengambil alih PC apa pun yang menjalankan Windows 7 atau lebih lama dari jarak jauh. Zoom memperbaiki kekurangannya dengan pembaruan perangkat lunak segera setelah cacat tersebut diketahui publik.

Menolak setelah kritik berkelanjutan dari pendukung privasi, Zoom mengumumkan di sebuah posting blog 17 Juni bahwa enkripsi end-to-end E2E yang akan datang tidak hanya untuk pengguna berbayar saja lagi. Jutaan orang yang menggunakan Zoom secara gratis untuk sekolah, bersosialisasi, dan bekerja juga akan mendapatkan enkripsi menyeluruh.

Tetapi jika Anda adalah pengguna gratis yang menginginkan E2E, Anda harus terlebih dahulu memverifikasi identitas Anda ke Zoom melalui kata sandi satu kali atau layanan serupa. Enkripsi E2E akan tetap menjadi fitur opsional, Yuan mengingatkan, karena ketika diaktifkan, tidak ada yang dapat bergabung ke rapat melalui telepon atau dengan peralatan telekonferensi kantor tertentu.

Terserah tuan rumah apakah akan mengaktifkan E2E. Zoom di AS karena kebebasan berbicara dan penyensoran setelahnya, tunduk pada tuntutan pemerintah China , menangguhkan sementara akun tiga pembangkang China yang menjadi tuan rumah pertemuan terbuka untuk memperingati 4 Juni Pembantaian Lapangan Tiananmen. Perusahaan meminta maaf atas tindakan di postingan blog 11 Juni dan mengatakan akan mengembangkan cara untuk memblokir peserta rapat dari lokasi tertentu yaitu, China tanpa menutup rapat sepenuhnya.

Yuan menuntut untuk mengetahui seberapa nyaman perusahaannya dengan Beijing pemerintah. Talos , firma riset keamanan informasi milik Cisco, mengungkapkan pada 3 Juni bahwa mereka telah menemukan dua kelemahan serius dalam aplikasi klien Zoom, keduanya sekarang telah ditambal.

Masalahnya adalah Zoom tidak memvalidasi konten file terkompresi bersama seperti file. Penyerang bisa saja mengirim malware dalam bentuk file terkompresi ke pengguna melalui obrolan rapat Zoom, dan klien Zoom pengguna akan menyimpan dan membuka malware di dalam direktori aplikasi Zoom.

Lebih buruk lagi, jika pengguna menyimpan file terkompresi Zoom di tempat lain di PC, seperti di desktop, maka penyerang dapat mengirim versi file pertama yang diubah dengan nama yang sama.

Enkripsi ujung-ke-ujung Zoom yang akan datang terutama untuk pengguna berbayar, seperti yang dikatakan Zoom sendiri pada 7 Mei. Semua administrator Ruang Zoom perlu perbarui perangkat lunak mereka dengan 30 Mei, Zoom mengatakan dalam posting blog 26 Mei. Pembaruan ke Zoom 5. Informasi selengkapnya tentang memperbarui Ruang Zoom adalah di sini.

Pembaruan 5. Dua kali lagi penginstal Zoom yang rusak ditemukan oleh para peneliti Trend Micro. Yang pertama membuka pintu belakang pada PC; mata-mata kedua pada pemilik PC dengan screenshot, keylogging dan pembajakan webcam dan draft PC ke botnet Devil Shadow.

Kedua penginstal menginstal klien perangkat lunak Zoom, jadi korban mungkin tidak lebih bijaksana. Seperti biasa, dapatkan perangkat lunak Zoom langsung dari situs web Zoom di Zoom.

Zoom mengalami pemadaman yang tidak dapat dijelaskan Minggu, 17 Mei, merendernya tidak tersedia untuk ribuan pengguna di AS dan Inggris Pemadaman, yang dimulai Minggu pagi waktu Inggris, berlangsung beberapa jam dan mempengaruhi layanan gereja online di kedua negara. Bahkan briefing harian virus corona terpengaruh, melumpuhkan kemampuan jurnalis untuk mengajukan pertanyaan melalui Zoom.

Beberapa pengguna melaporkan di Twitter bahwa logout dari akun Zoom, lalu login kembali, tampaknya untuk memecahkan masalah. Laman status Zoom mencatat bahwa pembaruan backend telah dilakukan Minggu pagi sebelumnya, tetapi tampaknya tidak ada hubungan apa pun antara pembaruan itu dan pemadaman yang dimulai beberapa jam kemudian. Penjahat dunia maya mungkin telah mendaftarkan ratusan alamat situs web baru terkait Zoom dalam beberapa waktu terakhir minggu, menurut peneliti di perusahaan keamanan Israel Titik Periksa.

Banyak dari situs ini digunakan dalam serangan phishing untuk mengambil nama pengguna dan sandi Zoom korban, dan penipuan serupa memanfaatkan platform konferensi video saingan seperti Google Meet dan Microsoft Teams. Tidak segera jelas apakah ini hasil dari pengeboman Zoom biasa atau jika penyerang menggunakan metode yang kurang terkenal untuk mengganggu umpan video.

Dengan kata lain, setiap pengguna, pemilik atau administrator akun Zoom gratis, dan pengguna akhir akun berbayar, tidak akan berhak atas bantuan manusia. Sebaliknya, mereka harus mengandalkan FAQ dan daftar petunjuk di Zoom sumber online halaman. Untuk saat ini, ketentuan ini hanya berlaku untuk Mei dan Juni Jika penguncian coronavirus berlangsung lebih lama dari itu, Zoom mungkin harus mempekerjakan lebih banyak staf dukungan teknis. Tidak banyak hal baru dalam perjanjian tersebut.

Sebagian besar ketentuan yang disetujui Zoom adalah hal-hal yang sudah dilakukan perusahaan, termasuk mewajibkan kata sandi dan menggunakan enkripsi yang lebih baik. Dalam jangka panjang, Zoom harus melakukan tinjauan kode reguler dan melakukan latihan pengujian penetrasi tahunan, di mana peretas berbayar mencoba menerobos pertahanan perusahaan.

Hanya dua hal baru yang secara langsung akan mempengaruhi konsumen. Terus terang, ini adalah kebijakan standar lama di banyak perusahaan online lainnya, jadi kami sedikit terkejut bahwa kebijakan tersebut belum menjadi kebijakan Zoom. Yuan mengumumkan. Harga pembelian atau ketentuan lain dari kesepakatan tidak diungkapkan.

Keybase membuat perangkat lunak yang mudah digunakan untuk mengenkripsi pesan dan postingan media sosial dengan mudah dan aman. Setelah teknologi Keybase digabungkan, hal itu tidak akan selalu terjadi. Kata sandi rapat dan ruang tunggu akan diperlukan secara default untuk semua rapat Zoom, gratis atau dibayar, mulai 9 Mei, Zoom diumumkan. Hanya tuan rumah yang dapat membagikan layar mereka secara default, tetapi seperti pengaturan lainnya, itu dapat diubah.

Such a person disrupted a Zoom meeting on sexual violence in the Bay Area last week. He said he had lived in the U. Mark Di Stefano announced his resignation on Twitter after The Independent documented how Di Stefano had last week joined an Independent staff meeting regarding pay cuts and furloughs, first under his own name, then anonymously. Meskipun Zoom berfungsi di browser , versi berbasis web sangat terbatas dibandingkan dengan aplikasi. Waktu yang diperlukan untuk menyambung ke rapat juga jauh lebih lama, dan dalam beberapa kasus, koneksi tidak tersambung sama sekali.

Untuk memperbaiki masalah aplikasi Zoom ini dan mendapatkan akses ke semua fitur yang ditawarkan oleh Zoom, unduh aplikasi Zoom pada perangkat Anda dan selalu gunakan untuk menyelenggarakan rapat atau bergabung dengannya. Inilah tautan unduhan Zoom. Paket gratis Zoom sangat murah, tetapi ada beberapa batasan yang harus Anda ingat untuk mencegah masalah. Salah satu batasan yang terjadi adalah rapat Anda hanya dapat berlangsung selama maksimal 40 menit.

Setelah itu, sistem akan mengeluarkan semua peserta dan rapat pun berakhir. Keterbatasan lainnya adalah Anda tidak dapat merekam ke cloud. Ini berarti berbagi rekaman dengan tim Anda bakal lebih memakan waktu. Sebab memerlukan koneksi dengan aplikasi pihak ketiga yang memakan waktu.

Perlu diingat juga bahwa Zoom yang gratis hanya mendukung maksimal peserta per rapat dan tidak termasuk dasbor pelaporan yang memungkinkan Anda melihat berapa banyak rapat yang terjadi, jumlah total menit yang dihabiskan dalam rapat, dan data lainnya. Jika Anda merasa akan bermasalah karena keterbatasan ini, silakan mendaftar ke salah satu paket berbayar Zoom.

Silakan baca juga cara mengatasi Zoom putus-putus. Itulah beberapa masalah Zoom dan cara mengatasinya. Apabila Anda memiliki masalah yang lain, silakan kemukakan saja di kolom komentar. Buat masalah lain silakan ke artikel masalah Zoom yang lain. Daftar Isi hide. Kamera dan audio tidak berfungsi. Latar belakang yang berisik. Email aktivasi tidak terkirim.


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