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How to download zoom recording from shared link in mobile

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How to download zoom recording from shared link in mobile. Download a Zoom cloud recording

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How to download zoom recording from shared link in mobile


The longer the meeting, the longer the rendering time will be. If you find that your recording is taking an unusually long time to render, please do not attempt to restart your machine, as it can corrupt the recording. Your recording should not take longer than a couple of hours to render. Cloud recordings especially take longer. Be sure to select the full recording in the file format of mp4 when continuing. If you have the OneDrive client installed on your computer you can right click on the file name and select Move to OneDrive.

Once your file has been uploaded to OneDrive select the file and choose Share. You can manage access for users by selecting People you specify can view and changing the settings to meet your needs. How to record via desktop Free or paid subscribers can record locally in the desktop app for Windows, MacOS, or Linux. During a meeting, click Record.

If there is an option, choose Record on this Computer. Find and share local Zoom recordings You just recorded a meeting to your desktop, but where is the file now? Record to the cloud from your desktop app Recording a Zoom meeting to the cloud saves local storage space and makes your file accessible to more people.

To save your recording to the cloud: During a meeting, click Record. Choose to Record to the Cloud. Record from the mobile app Paid subscribers can record meetings on iOS and Android devices with the Zoom mobile app. While hosting a meeting in the Zoom mobile app, tap More. Choose Record. To pause or stop the recording, click More , and choose Pause or Stop. Share cloud recordings To share a cloud recording, open the Zoom web portal in your browser.

Give another user permission to record the meeting By default, only the host can record the meeting. In an ongoing meeting, click Participants.

Click Allow Record. Require authentication to view recordings Likewise, you may protect cloud recordings by enabling viewer authentication. In a browser, log in to the Zoom web portal. Click Settings and select the Recording tab. Enable Require users to authenticate before viewing cloud recordings.

Double-click the file, and Zoom will convert the recording and show you the conversion status. If you want to share the recording, you’ll have to save the file and share it manually. Back up recordings Recordings on the Cloud can be backed up on your computer. Recordings on your computer can be backed up by saving the entire recording folder that Zoom created to an additional drive.

Choose files or drag and drop files. Zoom recordings are stored on your Zoom cloud account at brown. To keep your Zoom recording long-term, you need to upload it to your Google Drive. Click the “Recording” menu option on the left-hand side of the screen to display your list of Cloud Recordings Select the recording you want to download by clicking on the title. To upload a Zoom cloud recording to your Google Drive, you will need to download them first from your Zoom account.

A new window will appear with the details of your recording similar to one pictured below: Hit the download button to the right next to the recording thumbnail image. Zoom will download three files: the.

If you do not need all three files, you can select the option you need by click on one single line of the options listed below the image.


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