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How to zoom in and zoom out in photoshop cs6.How to zoom in and out in Photoshop in 3 different ways

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How to zoom in and zoom out in photoshop cs6

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Dalam bahasa Indonesia, watermark memiliki arti tanda air. At the bottom of the Photoshop screen is a small box with a percentage in it. If you prefer to work this way, you can leave Scrubby Zoom unchecked.


– How to zoom in and zoom out in photoshop cs6


While we have the View menu open, notice that all of the main zoom commands share the same key for their shortcut. And that is not true with any other zoom level. But they do have one big drawback. They can only zoom on the center of the document window. You can also select the Zoom Tool from your keyboard by pressing the letter Z. With the Zoom Tool active, your mouse cursor changes to a magnifying glass with a plus sign in the middle. Click on the area with the Zoom Tool to zoom in, and click repeatedly to zoom in closer.

To zoom out with the Zoom Tool, press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard, or the Option key on a Mac. The plus sign will change to a minus sign. And it will disappear when you zoom back out. To turn it back on later, just go back to the View menu and reselect it. Personally I just leave it on because I rarely zoom in close enough for it to appear. So the Zoom Tool is great for zooming in on a specific area.

But rather than selecting it from the toolbar every time you need to zoom in or out, a better way is to access the Zoom Tool temporarily from your keyboard. Mac users may need to hold the spacebar first, then the Command key, to avoid a conflict with the MacOS operating system. To zoom out, add the Alt key, or the Option key on a Mac.

Release the Alt or Option key to switch back to zooming in, and release all the keys to switch back to the previous tool so you can keep on working. Another way to use the Zoom Tool is with a feature known as Continuous Zoom. With the Zoom Tool active, click on an area where you want to zoom in and keep your mouse button held down.

After a second or so, Photoshop will start zooming in continuously until you release your mouse button. Selain praktis, cara ini juga bisa membuat pengaturan zoom yang kita lakukan jadi lebih presisi. Ada cara terakhir yang menurut saya sama-sama mudah juga sih, yaitu dengan menggunakan tool zoom.

Nantinya jika Anda menggunakan cara ini akan ada beberapa menu yang berfungsi untuk mengatur ukuran dari tampilan gambar tersebut. Supaya Anda dapat mengetahui setiap menu dari tool zoom , perhatikan penjelasannya berikut ini:. Tapi sebagian besar Photoshop, baik itu versi lama maupun versi baru, kurang lebih caranya sama. Itulah pembahasan singkat mengenai cara zoom di Photoshop. Remember, you can also set the zoom level via the View menu, the lower left box of the image document window, as well as via the Navigator panel.

Checking the Resize Windows to Fit box will cause Photoshop document windows to always resize to accommodate resizing, but within the constraints of the free screen area space. This overrides the marquee zoom behavior — dragging to the right zooms in and dragging to the left zooms out. Select the Zoom tool and disable Scrubby Zoom in the Options bar. Then, click-drag over a specific area in the image to zoom into that area. Using the Navigator Panel to Zoom To change the zoom percentage in the Navigator panel, enter a percentage, drag the slider, click on the Zoom In or Zoom Out icons the small or large mountains , or Command -drag Mac Control Win -drag in the thumbnail over the area that you want to zoom into.

At the bottom of the Photoshop screen is a small box with a percentage in it. This percentage represents your current zoom level. You can click on the box to edit the percentage by typing in a new zumber.

The higher the number, the more zoomed in you are. More Button Icon Circle with three horizontal dots. It indicates a way to see more nav menu items inside the site menu by triggering the side menu to open and close. Smart Home.


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